Toronto Hydro operates in a complex policy, regulatory and legislative environment. It must be responsive to, and often take direction from, several provincial entities.

Ontario Energy Board (OEB)

An independent government regulator that oversees provincial energy markets, including electricity and natural gas.

The OEB approves commodity rates, Toronto Hydro’s rates and capital plans, and establishes requirements for customer service quality and conduct that must be followed.

Ontario Ministry of Energy

Sets overall policy for the energy sector.

Independent Electricity System Operator

A crown corporation (i.e. Toronto Hydro) that directs flow of electricity across the grid, administers Ontario’s wholesale electricity market, and is responsible for ensuring there’s enough power for Ontario’s needs.

Board of Directors

Toronto Hydro's Board of Directors structure includes three City Councillors as well as eight Citizen Directors appointed through the City’s public appointments process.

Several companies, one bill

A Toronto Hydro bill includes the cost of distribution (our portion) and charges for generation, transmission and regulation.
That means that about 70% of fees are not ours — we simply collect the money without mark-up and pass it on.

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