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Nelson Mandela school relocation

Please convey to the school board to consider relocating Nelson Mandela Park Public School to the corner of Parliament and Shuter. The school looks out of place at its current location of Sumach and Shuter. It currently interferes with community life near OPP, and interferes with the new development of senior’s home at Sumach and Shuter. School’s relocation will open up more space at Sumach and Shuter to facilitate the development of the senior’s homes, retail commercial space, and open up other possibilities that the Regent Park planners can brainstorm over. The new location at Shuter and Parliament can give the school more rigid/squarely space to construct and settle in, while students would remain very close to the community centre and other facilities nearby.

I realize that the school currently is attached to the new community centre, and was only recently renovated just a few years ago. Nevertheless, if the school is relocated, the value of the school and Sumach/Shuter intersection would all increase. Please bring up this issue to whichever authority required to get it done. Thank you.


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The property at the corner of Shuter and Parliament, formerly Regent Park Public School, has been sold to the TCDSB so the school cannot be relocated at this time. I personally believe that it was a mistake that the board closed and sold it off. I hope you will join me towards building a stronger better community. I believe that schools are should be green spaces and community hubs and that we should all have access year round. Thanks for sharing your idea here.

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