Community Use of Schools (CUSCAC)

Mandate of CUSCAC:

  1. to facilitate ongoing feedback from community organizations on both the continued implementation of TDSB Community Use of School Policies. (policy P.011, Community Use of Board Facilities and P.023)
  2. to suggest improvements to the policy;
  3. to provide an opportunity to explore the concept of Integrated Service Delivery (ISD) with community agencies and groups;
  4. to assess the impact of CUS funding from the Ministry of Education on use of space and to make recommendations regarding that funding
  5. to make recommendations to the TDSB in order to:
    • increase the accessibility and use of school facilities by community groups
    • increase the concurrent use of school facilities by multiple community groups
    • increase revenues from the Province of Ontario to support CUS
    • improve and streamline the permit application process and reduce barriers to access
    • ensure access and equity considerations re CUS
  6. to consider and coordinate the work of other initiatives within TDSB as they impact on CUS: e.g. Model schools, Focus on Youth program, service integration pilot project, Continuing Education, access to pools, Toronto Lands corporation re: community use, full day kindergarten, Full Service Schools, Priority School Initiative, Facilities Partnership Agreements. This may also involve the TDSB speaking to City of Toronto and Province in areas under their jurisdiction.

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