Small Business Property Tax Subclass

In November of 2021, Toronto City Council adopted the report Implementing a Small Business Property Tax Subclass, which provides a 15% reduction in the tax rate for eligible small business properties. The Province of Ontario will provide a matching reduction in the provincial education portion of property taxes for eligible properties.

Business property owners whose property has been included in the small business property tax subclass do not need to take any further action – the small business subclass classification and reduction in tax rates will be reflected in your final property tax bill.

Tenants of eligible small business properties should speak to their landlord about receiving this reduction.


DMZ Black Innovation Program

Tech startups led by Black entrepreneurs can apply for $250,000 over five years, or $50,000 annually.


Façade Improvement Grant Program

The Commercial Façade Improvement Grant Program provides funding to commercial property owners and tenants of commercial property, to redesign, renovate or restore facades on commercial buildings that are commercial use at street level and may have commercial and or residential uses on upper floors. The building façade must face a public road or a right-of-way that is accessible to the public.

Half of the costs of eligible improvements is covered up to a maximum $12,500 grant for $25,000 worth of improvements. The minimum grant is $2,500 for $5,000 worth of improvements.

Additional funding of half of the costs of accessibility AODA upgrade improvements up to a maximum $2,500 grant for $5,000 worth of improvements.


Transit Expansion Construction Mitigation Grant Program

The Transit Expansion Construction Mitigation Grant Program provides funding to Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) and business associations for community-driven initiatives that mitigate the impacts of construction on local businesses.

Grants are available in increments of $10,000, $25,000 or $50,000 for projects that meet eligibility requirements.




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