Happy New Year

Last year was very productive eventful! I had the pleasure of attending graduations, organizing ward council meetings, championing TDSB representation at the OMB for Church Street PS, attending the 125th anniversary banquet and fundraiser for the new Rosedale PS field, touring almost every school in the ward, helping Berkley Street residents gain access to the parking lot after-hours, attending many community events such as the Pride Parade, Cabbagetown Festival, Yorkville Run, AIDS Walk, St. James Town Festival, and so much more.

Thinking about everything we've done together in 2016 makes me excited for what is to come in 2017. We have so many projects in the works at all corners of the ward, we have so much work to do to engage more parents and community members in our school and ward councils, and we still have more work to do at the board level to ensure the execution of our Integrated Equity Strategy is successful and meaningful for our educators, support staff, students and their families.

At our December Organizational meeting, Trustee's elected me as the Vice-Chair of the Board. This is a great honour and privilege to serve in this capacity. Ad Vice-Chair I am now an ex-officio member of all Standing Committees an also a member of the Black Student Achievement Community Advisory Committee, the Equity Policy Advisory Committee, and the Inner City Advisory Committee. In all of these capacities I look forward to continuing to amplify your voices and ensure issues of equity are always embedded within our decision-making processes.

I'd like to thank you all for being part of the journey so far. I look forward to continuing to be accessible, responsive, and champion important issues for our communities in Toronto-Centre Rosedale!

~ Chris

SAVE THE DATES - Ward Council Meetings

All staff, students, parents/guardians, and community members are welcome and encourage to attend any of our Ward Council Meetings below.

Tuesday, January 31 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm at Lord Dufferin (Topic: Bullying & Racism)

Tuesday, February 21 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm at Rose Avenue (Topic: School Councils 101)

Tuesday, March 21 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm at Jesse Ketchum (Topic: Facilities & Fix Our Schools)

Tuesday, April 11 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm at Winchester (Topic: French Immersion & Extended French)

Tuesday, May 9 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm at Sprucecourt (Topic: Community Use of Schools)

Tuesday, June 6 - 6:30pm - 8:30pm at Jarvis CI (School Council Appreciation Dinner)

Speak out against City of Toronto Childcare Budget Cuts!

As part of the City of Toronto Budget 2017, Child Services is recommending phasing out the occupancy grant for childcares located within Toronto schools and freezing subsidized spaces. The elimination of this important funding will have a direct impact on affordability, accessibility, and quality of childcare in Toronto.

Affordability: A recent study showed that 75 percent of families in Toronto already find licensed childcare unaffordable. With the removal of the occupancy grant, fees will increase further, making childcare even more expensive.

Accessibility: Licensed childcare is already inaccessible for many families in Toronto due to high fees and lack of availability of subsidies. There are currently over 18,000 children on the waitlist for subsidies in the City of Toronto. Increasing costs for childcare will result in spaces becoming even less accessible for many families.

Quality: An increase in operating costs will put additional administrative stress on childcares, make less money available for improving and expanding programming, while putting financial strain on families.

If you are concerned about the elimination of the City of Toronto’s childcare occupancy grant and the freeze to subsidized spaces, please share this information widely and take action!

Write to your local City Councillor and Member of Provincial Parliament to voice your concerns. Learn more.


January is Tamil Heritage Month at the TDSB

On the occasion of Canada’s 150th anniversary, we acknowledge the enduring presence of our Indigenous communities and recognize the fact that Canada has become home to many communities seeking refuge and opportunities.

The theme for Tamil Heritage Month this year is Roots & Routes. To explore this theme, we are asking the following question: How have your cultural roots, as well as your family’s route(s) to Canada, shaped and continue to shape your identity as a Tamil Canadian today? Through essays, original artwork and public speaking contests, students across the TDSB will be exploring, reflecting on and creatively expressing their answers to this question during Tamil Heritage Month. Learn more about this year's contests.

Join us for the TDSB Tamil Heritage Month launch:

January 16, 2017
4:30-5:30 p.m.
Scarborough Civic Centre Atrium

Tamil Heritage Month was nationally recognized in October 2016, when the House of Commons voted unanimously to recognize every January as Tamil Heritage Month. January was chosen as it coincides with one of the most important celebrations for Canadians of Tamil heritage, the Thai Pongal harvest festival. For farmers in India and Sri Lanka, January is a time of harvest. Thai Pongal is a celebration that offers thanks to the sun and cattle for a good season and abundant harvest.

Many of the 75 million people who are part of Tamil community around the world, mark Thai Pongal irrespective of their religion.

In 2014, the Government of Ontario, with full consent, passed legislation proclaiming January as Tamil Heritage Month. TDSB proudly marked Tamil Heritage Month for the first time in 2016.

Cancellation of Busses During Severe Weather

Severe weather conditions may require the TDSB to cancel transportation or, in extreme conditions, close schools. The decision to close schools is made by the director of education. In the event transportation is cancelled or schools are closed, the local media will be informed before the beginning of the school day. Tune in to your radio and television news stations for the latest information or visit http://www.tdsb.on.ca

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