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Equitable access to ward meetings and decision making

We miss important ideas and input when we fail to notice who is unable to attend decision making spaces. For those of us who are single parents, living at or below the poverty line, civic engagement is a struggle. Yet we have a district and valuable voice that is too...

Official response from planned

Thanks for sharing your concerns and suggestions. I agree and will definitely be providing snacks at my Ward Council meetings as well as Childminding upon request of enough parents. As a minority, I understand the struggles first-hand and am working hard to raise issues of equity and accessibility.

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Nelson Mandela school relocation

Please convey to the school board to consider relocating Nelson Mandela Park Public School to the corner of Parliament and Shuter. The school looks out of place at its current location of Sumach and Shuter. It currently interferes with community life near OPP, and interferes with the new development of...

Official response from not planned

The property at the corner of Shuter and Parliament, formerly Regent Park Public School, has been sold to the TCDSB so the school cannot be relocated at this time. I personally believe that it was a mistake that the board closed and sold it off. I hope you will join...

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