As your re-elected School Board Trustee, I helped developed the Multi-Year Strategic Plan. As part of this plan we will:

Enhance equity in our schools

During my first term as Trustee, I played a leadership role on the Enhancing Equity Task Force. In my second term I will ensure that we implement the Enhanced Equity Framework in all of our schools.

Fight Against Doug Ford’s revisions to the Health and Physical Education (“Sex-ed”) Curriculum

The Ford Government’s regressive agenda has put our students at serious risk. I will fight against the outdated Health and Physical Education curriculum to ensure that every student feels safe and included in their school.

Work to reduce the backlog of repairs

There are over $4 billion worth of repairs needed in our schools. As Trustee, I will vote to invest resources into these repairs, so that our students can learn in a safe and clean environment.

Great Parent Engagement

With the Ford government’s new “mega ward” system, Trustees are responsible for representing more schools than ever before. As Trustee, I will continue to engage with parents in all of the schools under my jurisdiction.

Advocate for more Before and After school spots

Every day families struggle to find approved before and after school spots for their children, so that they can get to work.

Fight for After School programming

Having access to engaging and affordable After School programming is crucial to keep our student’s safe, engaged and focused on the importance of their education.

Develop Schools as Community Hubs

Community hubs are a proven means to building a stronger, safer community. As Trustee, I will support the development of schools as community hubs where our students, teachers and parents will be afforded the opportunity to foster partnerships while reaping the benefits of a stronger community.

Vision Zero

We all care about our student’s safety inside the classroom, but it is equally as important to focus on their safety outside of it. As Trustee, I will support a further integration of the Vision Zero policy to ensure our students are safe from traffic and vehicles.

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