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Processes varying from hiring movers and renting a truck to packing items and clean the closets, it is common that selecting a moving date may come at the last of your relocation things to do list. Keep in mind, however this one small detail can make a vast difference when it is about to the ease of your move and your budget.

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Remember the fact when you move is as important as how you move. So to learn from other’s mistakes, you should absolutely plant the best times to plan your next move for ease and cost effectiveness.

  1. Morning is the best time to start the move. Hiring professional packers and movers, they will prefer to arrive in the morning around 8 to 10 o clock. Early morning means cool condition for the movers specifically if it is a hot season. There are elements related with it. When it gets hot outside, movers want to be gone by 2pm to beat the heat. If you have decided to move yourself, you should start early as much as possible. You will be more energetic in the morning and you will get more time to unpack and organize the stuff at the destination.

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  1. Choose weekdays. When you are deciding a moving date, you should select a weekday. Most moving companies suggest moving between Monday to Thursday when there is less requirement. So if you can manage to take a day off at your work to move your house, you should do this. Moving in weekends can be costly because of higher demands for movers and limited time. Moving during the weekdays also means you will have the full weekend to unpack and organize your stuff before you work week starts.
  2. Plan your move in the mid of a month rather in the beginning or end of the month. If you can manage to avoid first and last weekend of the month, you should definitely choose mid month or mid week for your house shift. It is usually when the demand is minimum and hence you can save your money.
  3. Trust your common. If you are living in a cold area, you would probably better avoiding a house shift in the mid of winter.
  4. If you have to move in the bust time at work, then you may choose to spend extra money t move in the weekends.
  5. If you have young school going kids, then it is more sensible to make the move in the summer season when there is a vacation at their schools so you can avoid a chaotic school year.

Certainly it is not possible for all of us to use all of the above options, but you can try some that fits you to make the easiest move for you and your family while enjoying the flexibility at work. In this way you can reduce the moving stress significantly.

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