Summer Trustee Update

I'd like to begin by thanking you very much for giving me the opportunity to serve as your public school Trustee and represent you at the Toronto District School Board. It has been a tremendous honour and privilege and I'm proud of what we've been able to accomplish together.

Two weeks into my term we came together as a community and challenged the height of the development at 411 Church Street at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) because we believe that our families and schools have a right to sunlight and that schools should be protected public assets, just as our parks are.

For the first time, we came together once a month and exchanged information and discussed issues important to you as parents and the community with our Ward Forums.

We started the process of enhancing equity in our schools by removing School Resources Officers (SRO's), consulting and producing a plan of action lead by the Enhancing Equity Taskforce, and we worked together locally to champion diversity and inclusion - especially in our hiring processes.

I could go on and on, listing all of our accomplishments but I think you can agree we did quite a bit. Of course, there is always more that needs to be done. More hills to climb, battles to fight, and big challenges ahead with the new Provincial Government, but I know that the network of engaged parent we've started building will continue to grow and flourish.

As you may already know, there is a municipal election coming up this fall on October 22, 2018. To preserve the public trust and integrity of the elections process, Trustees and City Councillors are not permitted to send out communications to constituents after August 1st. This means that my office is not permitted to send out information in e-newsletters, or print newsletters, or organize meetings and events after this date.

If you need any assistance or help with something school related, you can still email me at [email protected] but I'd also encourage you to first reach out to your school Principal first and then your school Superintendent for assistance. Here are the Superintendents contact information for our ward:

Sandy Spyropoulos (Executive Superintendent)416-395-3903 - [email protected]

Mike Gallagher - 416-394-2048 - [email protected]

Jane Phillips-Long - 416-394-2042 - [email protected] 

John Chasty - 416-396-9188 - [email protected]


I wish you and your family all the best. Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

Trustee Chris Moise


TDSB Statement Re: Health & Physical Education Curriculum

The Ministry of Education recently announced that beginning in September 2018, the province’s Health and Physical Education curriculum from 1998 will be reintroduced to all schools, replacing the revised curriculum that was implemented nearly three years ago. Following this announcement, we have received questions and heard concerns from parents/guardians, staff, students and the TDSB community. While there has been some indication that topics such as consent, gender, and online safety will continue to be taught, the Ministry of Education has not provided details to school boards. As soon as we receive any information, we intend to bring senior staff and content experts together to discuss implementation and will communicate directly with families, students and staff.

We want to let the TDSB community know that regardless of the Health and Physical Education curriculum, we have a responsibility guided by the Human Rights Code, the Education Act and supported by TDSB policies, to ensure that each and every student, such as LGBTQ students, feel included and reflected in our schools and classrooms. When we know who our students are, we can make informed decisions about how to best teach them in ways that are relevant and engaging. This means that learning about real-world topics relevant to today’s students will continue in the classroom and teachers will be supported to do this. This remains a priority in the TDSB.

Should you have any further questions or concerns about the provincial Health and Physical Education curriculum, please contact your local Member of Provincial Parliament or the Minister of Education to offer feedback and to inquire about how you can offer input for the upcoming consultations on this matter.


Representatives for TDSB Ward 14:

MPP Suze Morrison, Toronto-Centre

MPP Jessica Bell, University-Rosedale

MPP Chris Glover, Spadina Fort-York

MPP Lisa Thompson, Minister of Education


Church Street Public School Updates

Over the summer a new boiler is being installed. The fence project is also moving forward. We've secured a contractor and will proceed to install an iron fence to replace the current chainlink fence around the entire perimeter of the school. Additionally, the glass interactive and illuminated fence has passed testing and will also be installed. However, in the interest of keeping costs low, these projects will not proceed until next summer.

For more information visit:


Repair Backlog AT-RISK

With the Provincial Government's $100M cuts to the repair backlog funding, many projects across the TDSB are at risk of not being completed. In TDSB Ward 14, Jarvis Collegiate Institute is at risk of not receiving their much needed Air Handling Unit replacements & new AC installation along with future projects across the entire TDSB.

Not all hope is lost. Fix Our Schools, a coalition of parents and concerned community members, have been doing an outstanding job of placing the huge repair backlog in front of MPP's and advocating for funding to ensure our schools return to a state of good repair. Visit their website and join the movement here:


Jesse Ketchum Parkette

Jesse Ketchum Parkette, which is owned by the TDSB and operated by the City, has been approved by both the board of Trustees and City Council. Shovels are expected to go into the ground soon and the work completed by this fall. As part of this partnership, Jesse Ketchum Public School will also receive funding for a new teaching kitchen and roof replacement.


NEW TDSB Ward Boundaries

If your children attend Rosedale Jr. PS, Whitney Jr. PS, Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, or the Island Public/Natural Science School you will not be in Ward 14 effective December 1!

The Board of Trustees has approved ward boundary changes for our trustee wards because the City of Toronto has changed their ward boundaries. Toronto City Council has enacted a new ward structure that increases the number of city wards from 44 to 47 and changes the boundaries of most of the existing wards. The TDSB was constrained by the Education Act to maintain 22 wards, therefore, some TDSB wards now include 3 city wards.

To view a map with the new downtown TDSB and City Wards visit

School Year Calendar 2018-19

The official 2018-19 school year calendar for the Toronto District School Board is now available online. This includes the first and last day of classes for all students, and every holiday and PA day for 2018-19. Check it out here.

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