Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles

  • Clearly audible noise from vehicle repairs, rebuilding, modifying or testing is not permitted from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. the next day, except until 9 a.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays.
  • Motorcycle noise cannot exceed 92 dB(A) from the exhaust outlet as measured at 50 cm, while the motorcycle engine is at idle. This will be measured by Bylaw Enforcement Officers using a sound meter.
  • Unnecessary noise, for example, engine revving and tire squealing, that is clearly audible at point of the reception are not permitted.
  • Bylaw Enforcement Officers have no authority to stop vehicles on city streets as that is done by the Toronto Police Service under the Highway Traffic Act. A bylaw officer can commence a noise investigation when the vehicles is stationary, for example when vehicles are being repaired at a business or residence.

Motorcycle noise is an increasing issue in Toronto. Vehicle noise is governed under the Provincial Highway Traffic Act and therefore, under the purview of the Toronto Police Service and the OPP. Municipal Bylaw Enforcement officers do not have the legal authority to lay charges and fines under the act.

Toronto Police Services has the legal authority, training, and equipment to pull over vehicles and lay appropriate charges and fines. Engagement with local residents is an important way for police to gain an understanding of where the activity is taking place. We encourage residents to contact their local Community Response Unit Manager in order to make their policing priorities known.

51 Division (South of Bloor, east of Yonge Street): Staff Sergeant Todd Gowan, 416-808-5119

52 Division (South of Bloor, west of Yonge Street): Staff Sergeants Dan Martin and Ron Boyce, 416-808-5219

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