Apply for an Exemption

Noise Exemption Permits can be requested for events or activities that may be in contravention of the Noise Bylaw.

Examples include:

  • special events that feature amplified sound, such as concerts or the use of loud speakers
  • construction noises outside the allowable hours, including continuous concrete pouring and large crane work.

Application Fee: $100

*Note: Please submit your application at least four weeks in advance of the event or activity.

A normal application takes three weeks to process, including up to two weeks with the City Councillor’s Office.

Where an application for a Noise Exemption Permit is made for continuous concrete pouring or large crane work, the application is not sent to the local Councillor(s). An exemption permit for continuous concrete pouring and large crane work may be issued by MLS staff if the information requested is satisfactory and the conditions of the permit have been met.

Apply for a Noise Exemption Permit


Noise Monitoring

During review of an application, the City may determine that noise monitoring is required for permit approval. Noise monitoring is done by Bylaw Enforcement Officers and there is an additional fee separate from the application fee. The monitoring fee is $60 per hour per officer, plus applicable taxes. Events occurring after 7 p.m. may require two officers.

Applicants will be advised if this is a requirement, and payment must be received before a permit is issued.


Refusal & Appeal Process

Where MLS refuses to grant a Noise Exemption Permit, the applicant is notified in writing that they may appeal the decision to the Toronto & East York Community Council. The timeline for filing the appeal is 21 days of the date of the notice. The appeal fee must also be paid.

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