Vibrant & Complete Communities

Let’s finish the job and build complete communities right here downtown

  • Build public washrooms and other amenities and ensure they are maintained year-round
  • Create a Dog Off-Leash Area Master Plan  [In-Progress]
  • Implement CafeTO Design Guidelines to ensure they are all accessible, beautiful, and can be winterized  [In Progress]
  • Secure more affordable licensed childcare spaces in our local communities  [In Progress]
  • Build more child-friendly park spaces
  • Create conditions that will attract grocery retailers to Corktown  [In-Progress]
  • Transforming the underpass between Richmond & Adelaide into a green, safe, and pedestrian-friendly park plaza
  • Ensure that our public realm and sidewalks are clean, safe, and accessible for all
  • Explore options for creating new parks and green spaces while revitalizing and better maintaining our current ones

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