Expanded Housing Opportunities

  • End Exclusionary Zoning
  • Use City lands for deeply affordable housing  In-Progress
  • Support rooming house regulation and multiplex zoning  [Completed]
  • Build more supportive housing and affordable housing so we can end homelessness  In-Progress
  • Champion new co-operative housing
  • Implement maximum temperatures in residential units
  • Strengthen and increase funding for RentSafeTO
  • Fix the TCHC and bring it to a state of good repair -- meet and exceed City standards
  • Revitalize Dan Harrison & the Moss Park Apartments
  • Harmonize residential property tax rates for all building types
  • Ensure all Ontario Line stations in the ward are Transit Oriented Communities with Affordable Housing
  • Re-establish the Subcommittee on the Protection of Affordable Rental Housing
  • Establish an affordable builders advisory group
  • Negotiate Community Benefits Frameworks to provide local jobs and apprenticeship opportunities

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