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Community Safety Forum

This event has already taken place.

In the time of growing concerns over community safety in Ward 13, Toronto Centre, we are actively seeking solutions. Issues such as anti-social behaviour, random acts of violence, closing the gap for vulnerable populations, and the need for safer, cleaner streets are all on our agenda.

Community Safety and Well-Being is a sustainable state where everyone enjoys safety, a sense of belonging, opportunities for participation, and the ability to meet personal and family needs. While the challenges of the pandemic and economic downturn can't be resolved instantly, I firmly believe in the strength of our collective efforts.

Join me on May 15 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM at our virtual event. Discover the active initiatives bolstering community safety across Ward 13. Engage with representatives from Toronto Police's 51 Division, SafeTO, Bylaw enforcement, and Toronto Animal Services. Understand how your input has enriched safety policies to better protect our neighbourhoods.


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