As a proud representative of Toronto, often touted as the world’s most diverse city, I am deeply horrified by the events unfolding in Israel over the past week. The violence and devastation may be abroad, but it significantly impacts us here, as Toronto is home to so many people from the region.

RE: Affirming the Right to Gender Identity & Expression in Canadian Schools

Homophobic, transphobic, and anti-2SLGBTQ+ policies have no place in our government or society. Full stop.

St. Lawrence Community Recreation Centre Update

As many in the community know, the air conditioning at the St. Lawrence Community Recreation Centre has not been functioning this summer. While staff has been exploring repairs, the temperatures within the building have been dangerous to both residents and employees alike, reaching above 40C.

Statement: Safety & Vandalism in the Village

Our community is experiencing trauma. However, we recover best with love by standing in solidarity at times of struggle. That means all levels of government and the community together must support each other.

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