Expanded Housing Opportunities

  • End Exclusionary Zoning
  • Use City lands for deeply affordable housing  In-Progress
  • Support rooming house regulation and multiplex zoning  [Completed]
  • Build more supportive housing and affordable housing so we can end homelessness  In-Progress
  • Champion new co-operative housing
  • Implement maximum temperatures in residential units
  • Strengthen and increase funding for RentSafeTO
  • Fix the TCHC and bring it to a state of good repair -- meet and exceed City standards
  • Revitalize Dan Harrison & the Moss Park Apartments
  • Harmonize residential property tax rates for all building types
  • Ensure all Ontario Line stations in the ward are Transit Oriented Communities with Affordable Housing
  • Re-establish the Subcommittee on the Protection of Affordable Rental Housing
  • Establish an affordable builders advisory group
  • Negotiate Community Benefits Frameworks to provide local jobs and apprenticeship opportunities

Improve Public Safety & Security

  • Create a new 3-digit emergency phone number (988) for health & wellness-related calls
  • Hire more Traffic Wardens to replace paid duty officers for construction sites and traffic enforcement  In-Progress
  • Support the Police Service in getting back to their core duties and implement alternative responses to mental health, addiction, and homelessness  In-Progress
  • Renew the Downtown East Action Plan and strengthen it by including a municipal mental health strategy

Safe, Walkable, Bikeable Neighbourhoods

  • Implement traffic calming measures, especially on side streets and in school zones
  • Improve construction management planning processes and enforcement  In-Progress
  • Ensure all new and existing bike lanes are separated and protected
  • Support and regulate micro-mobility options such as Kick Scooters
  • Support the widening of sidewalks, wherever possible, to allow for a better pedestrian experience as well as the beautification of our public realm.

More Connected, Reliable Transit

  • Implement better TTC-GO fare integration
  • Install protective platform barriers at transit stations [In-Progress]
  • Integrate Bike Share and the Island Ferry with Presto

Vibrant & Complete Communities

  • Build public washrooms and other amenities and ensure they are maintained year-round
  • Create a Dog Off-Leash Area Master Plan  In-Progress
  • Implement CafeTO Design Guidelines to ensure they are all accessible, beautiful, and can be winterized  [In Progress]
  • Secure more affordable licensed childcare spaces in our local communities  [In Progress]
  • Build more child-friendly park spaces
  • Create conditions that will attract grocery retailers to Corktown  In-Progress
  • Transforming the underpass between Richmond & Adelaide into a green, safe, and pedestrian-friendly park plaza
  • Ensure that our public realm and sidewalks are clean, safe, and accessible for all
  • Explore options for creating new parks and green spaces while revitalizing and better maintaining our current ones

Social, Cultural and Economic Diversity

  • Protect historic space usage and land designation in new developments, including studio spaces, theatres, and hotel stock  [In Progress]
  • Champion the creation of land trusts in the Church Wellesley Village and Regent Park  [In Progress]
  • Protect and preserve the Church Wellesley Village by designating it a cultural district
  • Work with the local communities on the creation of a Social Development Plan for Moss Park and St. James Town, similar to the one implemented in Regent Park

Support Business & Innovation

  • Work with the Province and Metrolinx to ensure businesses are financially supported during the construction of the Ontario Line
  • Reform and simplify the process for Business Improvement Area creation and expansion
  • Work with developers to create smaller, more affordable retail spaces  [In-Progress]

A More Accessible & Accountable Government for All

  • Improve local decision-making with more autonomy for community councils
  • Improve access and equity in public consultation processes
  • Improve the City’s customer service standards and response times
  • Harmonize TTC and parking ticket fines to address the inequities between their enforcement methods
  • Implement idea crowdsourcing & participatory budgeting for residents of Ward 13  [In Progress]
  • Support and work to restore Toronto's ability to use ranked ballots in our municipal elections
  • End the electoral discrimination against permanent residents: recognize their right to vote in municipal elections

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