Queen Station

As part of the Ontario Line, Queen Station will be the intersection of Line 1 (Yonge Line) and the Ontario Line at Yonge Street and Queen Street. It will be built beneath the Eaton’s Centre and will require the closure of Queen Street between Victoria Street and Bay Street for a minimum of five years. This closure will reroute the Queen Streetcar in both directions utilizing Adelaide and Richmond Streets along with the York Street connection. This multi-year closure will require a coordinated effort in partnership with the Toronto Transit Commission and significantly impact businesses with frontages on Queen Street as well as the millions of pedestrians traveling through that intersection annually.

My office will be coordinating with the Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Area as well as local residents and stakeholders to ensure a coordinated response with appropriate business supports. After surviving a global pandemic, and an 80% decrease in tourism, entertainment, and hospitality, it will be critical that we support our Main Street businesses, and make the sidewalks safe for all vulnerable road users.

The Queen Station will intersect at Yonge Street and Queen Street, merging with the existing Yonge line. All of this infrastructure will be contained beneath the Eaton’s Centre. As a result of construction, almost 3 kilometres of Queen Street will be closed for 7 years, with detours down to Adelaide and Richmond along York Street.

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