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Traffic calming is a term used to describe a combination of mostly physical features that are intended to improve traffic use on local collector streets, alter driver behaviour and improve safety conditions for everyone who uses the street.

Some of the most common types of traffic calming measures are traffic circles, raised circles in the middle of intersections that are intended to slow the speed of vehicles as they travel around the circle; choker, chicane or pinch points, devices that create an impediment on the road by placing a fixed object on the street, forcing motorists to divert around the object or slow down on a narrower section of road; and speed humps, raised sections of road to reduce speeds.

Traffic calming has been used successfully to reduce vehicle speeds in residential neighbourhoods. Speed humps are one of the most popular traffic calming measures. Studies have indicated that speeds drop approximately 15km/h between speed humps and about 20km/h at the hump itself. However, speed humps are not appropriate on every street. The City will not install them on TTC bus routes, and Emergency Services may raise concerns if their response times would be impacted.

If you notice that people are regularly driving above the speed limit on a road, then you can report speeding and other traffic complaints to Toronto Police Services.


Request Traffic Calming

My office conducts a traffic regulation review across the ward every six months to advance Vision Zero and optimize parking, traffic, and transit conditions.

Through the traffic regulation review, we look to identify streets and intersections which we can request staff make improvements that include:

  • Reducing speed limits
  • Installing stop signs, speed humps, or speed bumps
  • Installing pedestrian crossing signals or traffic control signals
  • Installing or removing "no standing/parking" and "loading" zones

Request Traffic Calming

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