2024 FAQs

Q: Do I owe the late fee of $21.40 for 2024?

  • DO NOT PAY THE LATE FEE, the late fee will be immediately waived for anyone who states that they completed the declaration before the March 15th deadline, furthermore and given the challenges experienced with this year’s process, the Budget Chief and Mayor will be bringing forward direction to City Council to seek authority to waive the $21.24 late fee for everyone impacted this calendar year.
Q: I received a bill stating the home I live in is vacant.

  • You DO NOT have to pay the VHT if the property is your principal residence or was occupied by tenants or other permitted occupants for more than six months in 2023;
  • You still must file a Notice of Complaint; and
  • Upon receiving and confirming your occupancy, the City will reverse the Vacant Home Tax assessed on the property, along with any interest that may be incurred after the May 15, 2024 initial payment due date.

Revenue Services is planning to mail a letter to residential property owners who:
  • Did not declare the occupancy status of their property by the March 15 deadline;
  • Received a Notice of Assessment for the Vacant Home Tax because their property was deemed vacant when no declaration was received; and
  • Have yet to file a Notice of Complaint to indicate that their residential unit was in fact occupied in 2023.
Extra and dedicated staff will be available at Revenue Services counters at City Hall and civic centres from 9:00am to 4:30pm every day through Friday, April 12, 2024.

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