City Bylaws

The city's property standards bylaw mandates that all landlords provide heat in their units from September 15 to June 1, maintaining a minimum indoor temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. If a building is equipped with air conditioning, these systems must operate from June 2 to September 14 to keep indoor temperatures within the set limits.

The regulations require air conditioning systems to be well-maintained to ensure a minimum room temperature of 21 degrees Celsius and a maximum indoor temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. Condensation drainage must not flow onto walkways,  entrance areas, driveways, pedestrian or vehicular areas. Ventilation systems must also be in good working order, providing adequate fresh air for a healthy indoor environment.

Unexpected temperature fluctuations may occur outside these periods, causing discomfort. For instance, warm temperatures over 21 degrees Celsius are now common in May or October. The bylaw doesn't require heat to be maintained in May or turned on immediately after September 16, provided units remain at or above 21 degrees Celsius. Landlords are encouraged to proactively adjust heating and cooling systems based on expected temperature changes.

For situations where the landlord requests the tenant to remove an air conditioning unit, the tenant should review the lease agreement for any applicable restrictions. This matter is not covered by the Property Standards bylaw.

Commercial properties are not subject to municipal regulations. For heat complaints in commercial properties, refer to the Ministry of Labour. The bylaw applies only to residential properties.

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