Homelessness & Shelters

It's a fact we can't ignore: communities across the globe, including our own, are wrestling with the housing crisis, a problem made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite housing largely falling under provincial and federal mandates, the city provides vulnerable individuals living precariously in our neighbourhoods with some limited resources and protections.

Toronto's strategy to combat homelessness centres on the Housing First approach, prioritizing securing stable housing as the primary step. By providing permanent housing and vital support services, we aim to address the underlying causes of homelessness. The approach encompasses community engagement, robust social services, and initiatives for more affordable housing. This comprehensive strategy is vital in effectively tackling homelessness in our city.

However, securing permanent housing is not easy and it takes time. The truth is, the demand far outweighs the supply in Toronto when it comes to housing and so we must use stopgap measures like transitional housing programs and emergency shelters to house people temporarily. Ward 13 is home to many of these programs.

If you are a person in danger of homelessness in Ward 13, please see the following city and community resources available to you.

Members of the general public who are concerned about someone they see on the street should call 311 or, in the case of emergency, 911. The City of Toronto's Street to Homes outreach workers will visit individuals and work with them directly to secure safe shelter. 

Anyone who needs emergency shelter should call 311 or Central Intake at 416-338-4766 or toll-free at 1-877-338-3398.

Who's Responsible for What?


Emergency shelters provide immediate short-term housing for people experiencing homelessness. These facilities are typically open 24/7 and offer overnight sleeping accommodations, meals, and often a range of support services like counselling, health care, and assistance in finding stable housing. The aim of these shelters is to provide safety and protection from the elements while helping individuals and families move beyond homelessness.

For those in immediate need of an emergency shelter in Toronto, please call 311 or Central Intake at 416-338-4766 for assistance. Do note that access to all shelters in Toronto is only available through these two channels.

Community Partner Operated Shelters in Ward 13

  • Covenant House (Youth), 20 Gerrard St E
  • Friends of Ruby (Youth), 489 Queen St E
  • Good Shepherd Ministries, 412 Queen St E
  • Homes First Society, 90 Shuter St
  • Mary’s Home, 70 Gerrard St E
  • Maxwell Meighen Centre, 135 Sherbourne St
  • SchoolHouse Dixon Hall, 349 George St
  • St. Simon's Shelter, 556 Sherbourne St
  • Street Haven at the Crossroads (Women’s), 87 Pembroke St
  • The Gateway, 107 Jarvis St
  • Turning Point Youth Services, 95 Wellesley St E

City Operated Shelters in Ward 13

  • Adelaide Resource Centre for Women, 67 Adelaide St E
  • Robertson House (Women’s), 291 Sherbourne St
  • Seaton House (Men’s), 339 George St



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