March 2024 City Council Update

Toronto City Council had a jam-packed and exciting session this past March 20 and 21. Aside from lively discussion about the 2026 FIFA World Cup, section 37 funds were released for projects coming from my office’s Participatory Budgeting 2023 exercise.

Toronto City Council had a jam-packed and exciting session this past March 20 and 21. Aside from lively discussion about the 2026 FIFA World Cup, section 37 funds were released for projects coming from my office’s Participatory Budgeting 2023 exercise. In addition, the City updated the process for addressing serious dog attacks and requests were made of Toronto Community Housing Corporation and the Housing Secretariat to conduct a review of underhoused households in Regent Park. 

What’s New in Toronto Centre 


Incident and Operational Review of Serious Dog Attacks 

The following directives come as a result of a review requested at the Economic and Community Development Committee in September of last year:

  • The Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards, is to create and maintain a public record listing information of all served Dangerous Dog Orders, which is to be posted in an easily searchable format, including using mapping software; and 
  • The Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards, is to report back on: 
    • the feasibility of including photos of dogs on the public record of Dangerous Dog Orders;
    • an update on whether all 450 dogs currently subject to a ‘severe’ Dangerous Dog Order are in compliance with the updated by-law;
    • details on changes implemented in 2024 and proposed in the 2025 budget to support proactive enforcement of the most severe and dangerous cases; and 
    • a proposed increase to the fines or fee structures for unlicensed dogs that are subject to Dangerous Dog Orders.

Expanding Trans-Inclusive Benefits

To address gaps in health care coverage, the Executive Director,  Pension, Payroll and Employee Benefits, is to review options for incorporating gender-affirming health care benefits not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan into City employee benefits plans. Staff are to report back by the fourth quarter of 2024.

Mandated Human Rights, Equity, and Diversity Training for City of Toronto Arena Boards

To ensure Toronto Arena Boards effectively serve diverse communities and foster inclusivity and equity, the policy on Board Governance Structures and Relationship Framework for Arena Boards will be amended to require that all members of the City’s eight arena boards complete training on human rights, equity and diversity each term of City Council. Topics for the trainings will include human rights, Indigenous awareness, combating anti-Black racism, code of conduct for members of local board and public appointments policy.

Advancing Hanlan's Point Rainbow Road

Hanlan's Point Beach and its surrounding area are historically significant as a queer community hub. As a part of the City's ongoing work to recognize and celebrate these histories, City staff have collaborated with Friends of Hanlan's–whose $200,000 in fundraising included a generous donation from The Waterfront Business Improvement Area–in conjunction with Pride Toronto to create a community funded, permanent art installation. A 600-metre painted rainbow installation on Beach Road, near Hanlan's Point Beach, by queer artist Travis Myers is proposed. 

​​Support for the Canadian Independent Music

City Council expressed its support to the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) and the Canadian Live Music Association (CLMA)  in their efforts in requesting the Government of Canada to increase its annual contribution to the Canada Music Fund to $50 million by 2024-2025, as was pledged during the 2021 federal election. Organizations like CIMA and CLMA support artists and stakeholders from across the independent music industry, including independent live music venues like The Phoenix Concert Theatre here in Toronto Centre. 

Latest posts

Rental Demolition and Replacement Forum

Rental Demolition and Replacement Forum

Over the past year, we have seen a rise in Rental Demolition & Replacement applications at the City of Toronto, and in particular in Toronto Centre. Hearing that an application has been submitted for your home to be demolished and replaced is extremely stressful.

The City of Toronto recognizes that protecting the existing rental housing stock is incredibly important to ensure renting is an attainable housing option for residents, especially seniors, students and families.

Unfortunately, the City cannot refuse a development application on the basis of hardship to existing tenants under Provincial law. While there are tenant protections under the Residential Tenancies Act, the City felt they were inadequate to deal with the magnitude of rental housing stock under threat in Toronto. As such, the City created protections in the City’s Official Plan under our Housing policies and as permitted within the confines of the City of Toronto Act (Section 111).

Join me on Monday, April 15 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the Wellesley Community Centre to learn more about our Rental Demolition & Replacement process from City Staff, how our policy has evolved over time, steps I've taken to address the gaps in the Tenant Assistance and Relocation Package secured by the City, what advocacy is being done at the provincial level by our MPP Wong-Tam, and what your rights are as a tenant.

Feel free to join us online! Click on the following link to join the event and ask questions:

Community Cleanups

Community Cleanups

The City of Toronto’s annual spring cleanup of parks and public spaces returns Friday, April 19 to Monday, April 22 (Earth Day).

Since 2004, the City of Toronto has held city-wide spring cleanup weekends. This year marks the 19th year of Clean Toronto Together, the largest municipal cleanup event in Canada. 

On Saturday, April 20 you can join me and my team and  The Friends of Regent Park at the bake oven in Regent Park to clean the park, as we will be providing garbage bags and gloves for a community wide park clean up! 

(St. James Town Clean Green 2023)

If you are a concerned resident, member of the community or a community organization who is interested in helping clean your local park, ravine, sports field or trail, register your team at the Clean Toronto Together website. You can also contact our office to request and pick up clear garbage bags and nitrile gloves. Help your community sparkle this Earth Day!

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