Multi-Tenant Housing

Multi-tenant houses, commonly known as rooming houses, are only permitted in certain parts of Toronto where zoning permits. In Ward 13, you must have a licence to operate multi-tenant houses.

Requirements for operating multi-tenant houses:

Multi-tenant houses must be operated according to Rooming Houses bylaw. You must:

  • designate an agent who will be contacted in emergencies or with any inquiries about the operation of the multi-tenant house
  • post the following information for tenants at the entrance of the multi-tenant house:
    • the multi-tenant house licence
    • the name and contact details of the owner and agent
    • the fire safety plan and
    • details of any conditions on which the licence was granted
  • allow inspections to ensure compliance with applicable bylaws and legislation
  • allow the City to provide notices to tenants
  • maintain the multi-tenant house in accordance with all applicable bylaws and legislation
  • notify Municipal Licensing & Standards Division of any change in ownership or any change in the contact information of the owner and agent

Applying for a license:

  1. In Ward 13, contact Toronto Building to confirm that your area is zoned for multi-tenant houses. Call 416-397-5330, Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  2. In Ward 13, the licence fee ranges from $100 to $300

  3. Submit an application: Only completed applications will be accepted and you must include: the completed application form PDF, the licence fee, paid with a certified cheque or money order and made payable to Treasurer, City of Toronto and a floor plan for the multi-tenant house, where requested. You must submit the application form along with the licence fee to [email protected].
  4. After you apply for a multi-tenant licence, the City will conduct inspections and indicate that the multi-tenant house complies with: Fire Protection and Prevention Act and Fire Code, Property Standards bylaw, Any applicable zoning bylaw, Health Protection and Promotion Act 

For more information regarding multi-tenant housing please go to this link.

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