Commitment to Restoring Public Health Funding: A Promising Step towards Toronto's Health and Prosperity

As the Chair of the Toronto Board of Health, I am pleased that the province has renewed its commitment to funding our local public health units. This renewal includes a restoration of cost-sharing ratios to pre-pandemic levels of 75/25, along with a 1% increase annually over the next three years.

Previous reports to the Board of Health had indicated that changes to the Ontario government’s funding formula would have resulted in nearly a $50 million reduction to TPH's budget. This would have negatively impacted the essential programs delivered by Toronto Public Health, which would have had detrimental effects on our still-recovering healthcare system and gravely impacted health outcomes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how interconnected and fragile our healthcare system can be. Yet, it has also illustrated the resilience and potential for growth that can be achieved through investments in our communities. Today’s commitment from the province is an important step to ensure that we continue to deliver the programs and services that contribute to positive health outcomes for the residents who call Toronto home.

We'd like to thank the province for their commitment to public health and eagerly await receiving the specific funding details through routine channels and processes that inform our annual budget preparations.

Chris Moise
Chair, Board of Health
City Councillor
Ward 13 - Toronto Centre

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