Statement on attacks against Israel

As a proud representative of Toronto, often touted as the world’s most diverse city, I am deeply horrified by the events unfolding in Israel over the past week. The violence and devastation may be abroad, but it significantly impacts us here, as Toronto is home to so many people from the region.

Our strength lies in our diversity and mutual respect for each other’s unique cultures and histories; and as such, we share in the heartbreak of our fellow Torontonians who are personally affected.

Everybody has a right to feel safe and secure within their community, a sentiment that I strive to maintain here in Toronto.

Together, we can get through these trying times and come out stronger.

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April City Council Highlights

April City Council Highlights

Toronto City Council had another full and engaging agenda this past April 16 and 17. There was timely discussion about fixing the Vacant Home Tax, big strides in improving tenant assistance for those impacted by rental demolitions, and plans to expand both its Student Nutrition Program and the Alcohol in Parks program. 

Iftar Event in Regent Park

Iftar Event in Regent Park

On April 3, I attended a heartwarming Iftar event in Regent Park that was a collaboration effort by Mothers of Peace, Regent Park Islamic Resource Centre, Toronto Community Housing, Humaniti Foundation, Tridel Corporation, Daniels Corporation, the Centre for Community Learning and Development and Sam’s Food Store.

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