Why don’t you cut division budgets/reduce spending?

While it is crucial to seek ways to improve and find efficiencies, the reality is that the City of Toronto has been operating at a near-starvation level for several years, with taxes kept at or below inflation. City divisions have been in a mode of expenditure reduction for the past 12 years, resulting in various constraints.

For instance, hiring freezes have been implemented, preventing the addition of new employees to aid in our city's growth and development. We've also struggled to pay competitive wages in today's market, which can limit our ability to attract and retain top talent. Numerous critical projects have also been deferred because we do not have the resources to implement them.

Many residents have voiced their concerns to me about these issues. They see the effects of our limited resources in the form of inadequate bylaw enforcement and cleanliness standards in our streets and parks.

To address these growing issues and get our city back on track, we must start investing in our priorities rather than cutting them. We must bolster our housing initiatives, improve and expand our transit system, and enhance other crucial city services that residents rely on daily.

A cost-saving mindset has its place, but it is also important to remember that our city's success, vibrancy, and livability rely on strategic investments. These are investments in our future and the legacy we leave for the next generation.

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