In the Ward: Regent Park

In early April, I walked through Regent Park alongside my dedicated team to visit key locations within the community that my office is involved with.

I visited 38 Regent Street, a facility owned by the City of Toronto. My office discovered a vacancy in the basement of this building during a neighbourhood space audit, and are now working to turn it into a new community hub. The City will be looking for local grassroots organizations to use the space. When this process becomes public, we will share it with the Regent Park community and encourage everyone to apply. 

A hot topic in my office has been the intersection of Oak Street and River Street. Drivers can't see pedestrians crossing when travelling south bound on River Street due to the poor sight lines created by parked cars. Based on recommendations from City staff, my office has requested that  one parking spot be removed near this intersection to bolster safety and accessibility.

Our exploration continued to the Regent Park Community Centre's space that was the former home of Toronto Employment & Social Services. This two-floor office space will evolve into a dynamic hub for community activities. The programming will include, but not be limited to, an arts space, a music studio, a youth zone and more! Stay tuned for updates from our office as we collaborate with Parks, Forestry & Recreation to roll this out.

These initiatives are about progress and the power of collaboration and community engagement. Together, we are shaping Regent Park's narrative, ensuring it reflects the diverse voices and aspirations of all its residents. Your active participation is crucial in this journey.

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April City Council Highlights

April City Council Highlights

Toronto City Council had another full and engaging agenda this past April 16 and 17. There was timely discussion about fixing the Vacant Home Tax, big strides in improving tenant assistance for those impacted by rental demolitions, and plans to expand both its Student Nutrition Program and the Alcohol in Parks program. 

Iftar Event in Regent Park

Iftar Event in Regent Park

On April 3, I attended a heartwarming Iftar event in Regent Park that was a collaboration effort by Mothers of Peace, Regent Park Islamic Resource Centre, Toronto Community Housing, Humaniti Foundation, Tridel Corporation, Daniels Corporation, the Centre for Community Learning and Development and Sam’s Food Store.

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