Trustee Updates

Halloween Safety Tips

Hallowe'en provides an opportunity for parents and children to spend time together creating costumes, carving pumpkins, planning trick or treat activities and participating in family parties. Hallowe'en is a big event at schools and provides opportunities for parties, creative activities, art programs, and impromptu history lessons. Hallowe'en is also a time for students, parents, and schools to take extra care to ensure safety and security.

Info on Split Classes

Combined grades are the practice of creating classrooms made up of two different grades of students. For example grades 2 and 3. They are sometimes called 'split classes', ‘split grades' or 'multi-age classes' (though often the multi-age classroom is made up of more than two different grades).

Winchester Washroom Update

The basement washrooms are closed because they are not suitable for use. The Principal and facilities staff agreed to a plan which will add three new washrooms in the building, two on the ground floor and one on the third floor. The washrooms should be ready for September 2018.

Welcome Back to School

Welcome back! This update is quite large so I will keep my update short. It has been a very busy summer at many of our schools across the ward. From boiler replacements, to roof replacements, to new playgrounds/fields being installed. While a few of our project's timelines were not met due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances, I am very grateful and thankful for the hard work our staff have put in over the summer.

I am very much looking forward to engaging with more of you over the next year so that together we can improve our schools and communities. I hope you will make an effort to come out to our Ward Forums and to tune into my Virtual Town Halls.

Have a successful school year!

~ Chris

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